Purposes of an essay

06 March
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Purposes of an essay

An essay is a formal writing of a paper, mainly for academic purposes to depict a specific topic succinctly.  In the introduction section the student identifies the main aim of writing, and has to concentrate on the main points in the body section.  Even when using the top custom essays, you need to support ideas and opinions with facts. One should consider the specific purpose and the overall purpose if they are to be successful.  Some of the aims of the writing essays are to inform the readers, persuade them, interpret, entertain and provide an explanation.

Inform the audience/ readers

  • Providing information to the reader/ audience so that they are more knowledgeable
  • One has to report facts rather than opinions and thoughts
  • The information provided depends on the topic, and when using resources they have to be reputable
  • The essay also clarifies a position held

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