What Is A Good Parent? (Writing Sample)

06 March
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What Is A Good Parent? (Essay Sample)

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Parenting has become a challenge to many parents in the world and calls for the need to be a loving parent in the family. This is because parenting has got no instruction manual. A good parent is able to express love and affection to his or her child unconditionally, regardless on the status of the child. Good parent avoid comparing his children to others because he believes that each child is unique. He understands that children can be different, but he teaches them right from wrong. Good parent always avoids criticizing his children but instead he focuses on their behavior. Correcting and suggesting for the good behavior in case the child misbehaves is the policy of a good parent. He avoids uttering or expressing negative statements to his children and tries to remain positive to his children always. Good parent does not scold his child in public. He takes him aside if they misbehave in public in order to avoid public humiliation. Good parent is the role model of the child. He always cares for what impression they create in the child mind due to their actions or words. He is able to teach his child the right way without necessarily punishing his child, but using his own actions. Children of a good parent are always secure with their parent. Their privacy is guaranteed by their parents, and they respect their parents’. Good parent never argues with his or her spouse in the presence of his children. Even if they argue, they do so quietly in order to show their children that differences can be settled peacefully. Good parent ensures order in his family. He brings together all his children and unites them as a family. Every child is encouraged to be responsible by being assigned some duties and being rewarded for performing their chores well. Good parent sets boundaries for his child. This enhances the sense of ownership and love in the child by their parent. He always makes sure that they lead a healthy life and lets his children do the things they can learn to do for themselves. He does not make all decisions for their children but rather allows them to experience life for themselves. Finally, good parent always loves and cares for his children. He does everything at his disposal in order to make sure that the child lives well and walks towards the right direction. Therefore, good parent is a necessity of achieving healthy parenting.


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