Bra Measurement Guide

Did you know that 80% of women are unsure of their bra sizes? Here Are A Few Simple Steps To Get Your Right Fit For Bra

Step 1 - Measure Your Underbust
Wrap the measuring tape around your underbust, making sure it is parallel to the ground. Measure the circumference and this is your underbust measurement.

Step 2 - Measure Your Top Bust
Now wrap the tape across the fullest part of your bust and this is your top bust measurement.

Step 3 - How To Use the Bra Size Chart

Go to our size chart and locate along the rolls and columns to get the right bra size. For example, for size 75C, your underbust should measure between 73 - 77cm and your top bust should be 90-92cm. Ensure your measurements fall within the range to retrieve the right size.

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Bra Size Chart

Band Size707580859095
Top Bust/Under Bust68 - 72cm73 - 77cm78 - 82cm83 - 87cm88 - 92cm93 - 97cm
80 - 82cmA70
83 - 84cmB70
85 - 87cmC70A75
88 - 89cmD70B75
90 - 92cmC75A80
93 - 94cmD75B80
95 - 97cmE75C80A85
98 - 99cmD80B85
100 - 102cmE80C85A90
103 - 104cmD85B90
105 - 107cmE85C90
108 - 109cmD90
110 - 112cmE90C95
113 - 114cmD95

Wireless/ Bralettes/ Sports Bra Size Chart

Band Size/Cup Size65707580859095
U.Bust65 - 69cm70 - 75cm76 - 80cm81 - 86cm87 - 91cm92 - 96cm
T.Bust78 - 82cm
82 - 88cm89 - 93cm94 - 99cm100 - 104cm105 - 109cm
Bra Size GuideA70
B70 B75
A80 B80
C75 D75
B85 C80
D80 E75
B90 C85
D85 E80
B95 C90
D90 E85
Apparel Size Guide
UK 8
US 4
UE 36
UK 10
US 6
EU 38
UK 12
US 8
EU 40
UK 14
US 10
EU 42
UK 16
US 12
EU 44
UK 18
US 14
EU 46

How Can I Tell My Bra Fits Ok?

Check your band fit to see if it feels comfortable and snug while you hook the last hooks at the widest fit. Your bra should not ride up and stays parallel to the ground. You can tighten your bra as it stretches over time with regular wear.

Tips: If the your bra band is digging into your skin, and it doesn’t smooth out your back bulges, you need to up your band size, for example from 70 to 75. If your bra is riding upwards from the back, it means it is too loose, you need to down your band size, for example from 80 to 75.

Bra Cup
Each bra cup should fill the whole breast. Swipe and ensure your breasts sit nicely fitted into the cups with no gaps or spillage from the top and sides. Overflow from the top and side of the cup might mean the bra cup is too small for fit. If gaps are formed between the bra cup and breast, the bra cup might be too big for the fit.

Tips: If there is spillage from your bra cups, you need to up your cup size, for example, from A to B. If there is gaps between your breasts and bra cups, you need todown your cup size, for example, from C to B.


The straps should not be digging into your skin that will create discomfort and pain in your body. Slippy loose bra straps can prove to be annoying and lack of good support. A good rule of thumb is always to ensure you are able to slide 2 fingers between the strap and your shoulder. It should be snugged and not loose.

Tips: Slide and adjust your bra straps whenever you just bought a new bra or doing a new fit.

The underwire should not be pressing against your breasts’ tissues. Underwires should sit nicely right under your breasts to provide support without squashing them and causing discomfort and pain.Tips: If the underwire is poking you, this might have meant your bra was not well taken care of during wash and care and might have bend somehow. You will need to replace a new one to prevent injuring yourself.

Other Key Notes For Good Fit:

• Measurements are crucial. Ensure your measuring tape is straight all the way around, stays snug without digging in. Breathe normally and check your measurement after you exhale.

• From time to time it is good to retake your measurements to ensure you are wearing the right size.

• If you struggled to fit to your usual size, try sister sizes for fitting when your cup or band is not fitting well on you. For example, if you are usually a 75B, and realise that the bra band fits loose on you but you will still like to maintain the cup volume, try a sister size 70C. If it is the other way round, you realise that it is tight at the bra band, down a cup size and up a size band by trying 80A. See our sister size chart below for more info. Each row of the size chart identify your sister size based

Sister Size Chart






Panty Measurements Guide

Here Are Two Simple Steps To Get Your Right Fit For Panty

Step 1:
Simply wrap the tape across the fullest part of your hips.

Step 2:
Once you get your hip measurements, go to the panty size chart and refer to our size guide to get your right fit.

For more assistance, please visit any of our Pierre Cardin Lingerie stores for free fitting!

Panty Size Chart

S58 - 62cm84 - 88cm
M63 - 67cm
89 - 93cm
L68 - 72cm94 - 98cm
XL73 - 77cm99 - 103cm
2XL78 - 82cm104 - 108cm
3XL83 - 87cm109 - 113cm
Free Size65 - 70cm91 - 96cm


Apparel Measurements Guide

For dresses, please refer to the top bust, waist and hip measurements and for shorts, pants, leggings and skirts, refer to waist and hip.

Sports/ Lounge Size Chart

T.BustWaistHipsApparel Size
S78 - 82cm58 - 62cm84 - 88cmUK 8
US 4
EU 36
M83 - 88cm
63 - 67cm89 - 93cmUK 10
US 6
EU 38
L89 - 93cm68 - 72cm94 - 98cmUK 14
US 10
EU 40
XL94 - 99cm73 - 77cm99 - 103cmUK 14
US 8
EU 42
2XL100 - 104cm78 - 82cm104 - 108cmUK 16
US 12
EU 44
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