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We can help the environment by taking better care of our clothes and undergarments by extending their lifespan and thus reducing waste.

Control The Temperature

Approximately 90 percent of the energy used to do laundry involves heating the water in the washing machine. You should wash your delicate lingerie pieces between 0 to 40 degrees celsius. Avoid using hot water as much as possible as it can break down your fabric fibres, elastics, and thus loosening the bra fit.

Hand Washing Guide

If you prefer to hand wash your lingerie, you should add detergent immediately once the garments are fully soaked in water. Give them a gentle scrub before rinsing out the water. Do not wring the water from your bras as this might cause permanent stretching and wrinkling to the fabric and the bra cups. 

Put Your Lingerie in Laundry Bags

If you wash your bras with a washing machine, you should place your lingerie in a laundry mesh bag. Hooking the bras up will help to protect the delicate pieces. Do not overload the mesh bag as the pieces should have enough room to move about freely. Once you remove the bras from the laundry bags, gently stretch out the bra cups to prevent dents and wrinkles.

Drying Guide

To maintain the shape and condition of your lingerie pieces, do not tumble-dry your lingerie, especially laminated products.

Line Dry Your Lingerie

Skip the dryer and line dry instead to help to maintain the shape of your lingerie pieces. Line drying your lingerie will not only reduce energy use, it also helps to extend the lifespan of the product. Always hang your bras freely from the centre to avoid loosening bra wings. Harsh, direct sunlight should be avoided.

Separate Light & Dark Garments

When washing, it is important to separate light and dark coloured garments when washing, as darker dyes can ruin light fabrics.

Use Delicate Wash Detergent

Some detergents are too harsh or too soapy for delicate lingerie. Therefore, it is recommended to invest in a lingerie-specific detergent, which will help extend the lifespan of your lingerie pieces. If you prefer to use regular detergent for washing, use just enough to work up a light lather as too much of it will leave a residue.

Separate Lingerie & Towels During Wash

Avoid washing your lingerie with lint-producing fabrics, such as towels. If you have to, it is recommended to use laundry mesh bags.

Store Your Bras Properly

Do not fold or crumple your bras when storing them. You can preserve the shapes of your bras by placing them standing up. Bra cups should be placed inside each other for support. You can choose to use a drawer organiser for storing them. While travelling, you can use a similar method when packing them in your luggage. Placing a balled-up sock inside each bra cup will help to retain the shape of the cups.