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At Pierre Cardin Lingerie, we believe that fashion is about expressing your unique personality and feeling confident in your own skin.

Since 1995, we've been empowering Asian women to redefine themselves by offering the most stylish and current designs that are tailored to fit the feminine silhouette.

With our deep industry experience and dedication to innovation, we understand the needs of every woman. Our impressive suite of quality lingerie collections are designed for all women and all occasions, featuring the latest trends in color, fabric, and technology, crafted to make you feel your best, no matter what you're wearing.

“ Pierre Cardin Lingerie 

 embodies the essence of 

 gentle living, providing 

comfort and style in every piece. ”

Our Ultimate Breast Shapes and The Right Fit Guide

Understanding your breast shape type and follow our measurement guide to pick the right fit and styles you need in your intimates wardrobe.


This virtual bra-fitting guide will help you determine which type of bra is ideal for your body.

8 Types Of Breast Shapes


Here Are A Few Simple Steps To Get Your Right Fit For Bra.

Bra Measurement Guide/ Size Chart


Our bras are 95% moulded padded cups and made with Asian fit in mind.

7 Types Of Bra Style

We pride ourselves on our team of stellar lingerie designers who are always pushing boundaries and keeping us at the forefront of the evolving world of fashion and intimate apparel. This commitment to creativity and excellence has made us one of the top lingerie brands in the SEA region.

We're more than just a brand
- we're a community of confident, empowered women who celebrate diversity and individuality. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and expression, and discover the perfect lingerie to fit your unique style and personality.

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