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8 types of breast shapes


A Slender breast shape usually refers to a smaller cup size where the tissues are formed slightly wider at the top and narrower towards the bottom, longish and slender in shape.

Our Fit Guide: For a relaxed and feminine option, trendy triangle or V neckline bralettes are great choices. To create a curvier and uplifting shape, choose a plunge push-up bra or a push-up demi bra to lift the breasts and create additional volume. For the strapless option, go for a push up half-cup bra to achieve gradual shape and volume.


Athletic breast shape tends to be wider, more muscular and lack in volume. Cleavage is harder to form as there is less soft tissue. This shape tends to have a wider underbust and smaller cup size.

Our Fit Guide: To create a curvier shape, choose a classic push-up demi bra to pad and add volume. Push-up plunge styles may not be suitable as the fabric above may be excess and unnecessary due to lack of volume. For wireless, choose shallower cups bralettes for a better fit.


Women with round shape breasts have the freedom of choice in whatever styles they choose to wear. The breasts are equally full at the top and bottom, and they naturally can form nice cleavage with any bra fit. The breast tissue is evenly distributed throughout the breasts.

Our Fit Guide: A round shape will fit most of the styles but avoid heavily padded styles as it is deemed unnecessary and might cause overflow during the fit. Go for any wireless bra options for lighter and cosy support and a demi t-shirt or plunge style for an ultra-flattering fit.


As compared to the round breast shape, the teardrop breast shape has less volume at the top but round at the bottom, like a water teardrop shape.

Our Fit Guide: Like the round shape, most of the styles will fit a teardrop shape. This breast shape will work better in general demi styles. Wearing full coverage bras might have gapping issues due to the soft tissues having less volume at the top part of the breasts. For the strapless half-cup option, you can go for a sustainable strapless bra or essential half-cup. Slight push-up styles help to bring volume with an uplifting effect. This type of breast shape suits most of the non-wire bra and bralettes for comfort and wireless options.


Bell-shaped breasts are usually a fuller and bigger cup in size. Volume stays at the lower area of the breast have less soft tissue at the top of the chest. May experience overflow if there is minimal coverage without fuller coverage and firm support.

Our Fit Guide: To minimise overflow and keep the breasts in shape,wear our supportive full coverage with firm support on the side bra wings. For half-cup, choose a deeper and fuller coverage strapless bra for strap-free options for better support, rather than going for regular strapless half-cup bras. For wireless, we advise this breast shape to go for a full-coverage wireless bra or bralette for firm support.


There is a centre gap between the breasts for this breast shape, but as compared to the East-West shape, it has more volume, and the nipples are more central. Cleavage is not formed without a supportive bra to draw the breasts closer together towards the middle.

Our Fit Guide:Choose bras with supportive side wings such as a lightly-padded plunge bra to naturally lift and bring the breasts closer to each other. This style of breast shape will be more suitable to wear a wired bra.


As compared to Side Set, both breast shapes have a significant gap in the centre but East West breast shape nipples are usually pointing outwards towards left and right.

Our Fit Guide: This type of breast shape needs to choose a bra with no seams in the inner cups to avoid causing friction to the sensitive nipples. Choose a full coverage bra or demi bra with smooth cups on the inside and extra side panels on the sides to draw the breasts closer to the centre to form a cleavage.


Asymmetrical breast shape tends to differ in cup size in comparison. It is common among women to have cup differences. For most women, the size difference is barely noticeable, while a small number has a visible difference in cup size.

Our Fit Guide: To balance in shape, it will be ideal for fitting in bralettes with removable cups options. Women of asymmetrical shape can opt to pad more on the smaller side to balance both sides of the breasts. Choose a moulded underwire demi with push-up options to shape and balance the breasts' volume.