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April 27, 2022 2 min read

Did you know that every year, sanitary products (pads, tampons, and panty liners) alone make up about 200,000 metric tons of waste annually? On top of that, it takes 500-800 years before a single-use sanitary pad decomposes. That’s about 6 to 10 lifetimes! Undeniably, a lot of waste is created just to manage women’s menstrual cycle. 

Waste aside, our periods can also cost us quite a bit, whether we realise it or not. Broken down, the average woman in Singapore spendsaround $6,000 for disposable sanitary products (pads, tampons and panty liners) in their lifetime, assuming that women stop menstruating at 45 years of age. 

Put simply, women all around the world are spending money on products that create more landfill, turning our only home in this universe into a more toxic and harmful place to live. Since double negatives don't make a positive in this case, it’s time we look at alternative solutions.

Take control over your monthly cycle – the planet will thank you

While we have no control over menstrual cycles, we do have control over our global footprint. Technology and innovation has given modern women alternatives to disposable pads and tampons, with a range of solutions to choose from. Whether we prefer replacing single-use sanitary pads with reusables, or tampons with menstrual cups, there are many options to choose from when dealing with our periods. 

Adding to that list of alternative solutions are period panties, a non-invasive product that’s safe and friendly for the environment. Made with comfort and odour control in mind, period panties are easy to use and practical, even for girls who may be new to the menstruation journey. They’re easily washable too, which makes period panties an ideal solution. 

Period panties are made with high absorbency material, so you no longer have to worry about period pad overflow. Remember that time you quietly asked a colleague at work or a friend to check the back of your dress, just in case your period leaked and stained your clothing? The wide coverage provided by period panties means this is a thing of the past.

A safe, comfortable solution for urinary incontinence

In Singapore, 10 to 20% of women suffer from urinary incontinence. Whether it’s due to stress, ageing, or having a weaker bladder after giving birth, many women suffer in silence, using panty liners as their best solution. But wearing panty liners for long periods of time can become uncomfortable and cause rashes on sensitive skin. This is where period panties can also come in handy. They’re breathable despite the high absorbency to ensure a high comfort level for everyday wear. 

With all that said about period panties, are you game to try them? We’re having an exclusive launch to introduce these period panties on 29 April so mark your calendars.

Stocks are limited and will only be sold online and in six of our Pierre Cardin stores, namely AMK Hub, Plaza Singapura, Jem, Compass One, Tampines Mall, and NorthPoint City. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to do your part for Mother Earth, and to enjoy more carefree periods! You can find more details here