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May 08, 2022 1 min read

Amongst the daily hustle and bustle, we may not have the time to slow down and appreciate the motherly figures around us, who have been providing endless love and support. Even though they may not say it out loud, we can feel their love for us through their actions — perhaps through a warm hug, a home-cooked meal or even through their (well-intentioned) nagging. This Mother’s Day, we want to take this chance to show our love and appreciation for them with letters.

Starting off, we have the letters that moms in our team received.

Kimberlyn (Pierre Cardin’s Product Development Strategist)from her daughter, Alexa (6 years old)

Serene (Merchandiser) from her son, Sean (9 years old)

Christina (Energized’s New Product Development Strategist) from her daughters,Phoebe (8 years old) andPippa (6 years old)


Next, we have the letters our team wrote for their moms.


Angeline (Pierre Cardin’s Designer) to her mom, Josephine


Jiaxin (Intern) to her mom, Peixian


 Kai Ting (Intern) to her mom, Ai Ping


We wish all moms a Happy Mother’s Day and we hope that this has inspired you to start writing letters to celebrate motherly figures in your life.